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Special Events

Master's Observatories

Gamma Acosta - Street Artist. Longmont's own Gamma Acosta will be back again for the May Walk. The world has become his painting surface. He has a way with a spray can that took him beyond the hardened parameters of street writing.

Today, he's working all the time: creating murals inside and out for businesses across the Front Range and even showing off his talents at Art Basel Miami and other out-of-state venues.


Public Interactive Stations

"Chain Linked Garden"-come and help Artwalk build a chain link garden.View bird houses featured by various SVVSD schools and in May add paper mâché flowers, in July add butterflies, and in Sept add colorful leaves. Watch our garden grow and become colorful throughout our Artwalk season!

"Silly Artist"- come and take your own photo and be "part of the art" within canvases designed and created by some of our downtown merchants.

"Pollock Paintings"- come help us create our own Jackson Pollock canvas masterpiece.

"Picasso moments"- children's easel painting station. Come and paint your own "Picasso" to take home!

Artist Village

Come and watch and buy local art in our ENCHANTED ART VILLAGE on 4th East.

Art on Action

Visit the different interactive public art stations. View the artistic processes from:

  • Light On-Creatives for Community "Cyanotypes"
  • Michael Herring/Abstract Acrylic Painting
  • Jed Goettum/Welding demo and conversation
  • Angie Tilly/Happy Space Studio Art Demos
  • Firehouse Art Center/Art Demos